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The D&D ruleset is 90% combat-related. If your fantasy roleplaying campaign doesn't match that ratio, then a lot of your game is under-supported while you also have to learn more combat-related details than you need.

I'm working on a game that does a better job of enabling different areas of focus in fantasy roleplaying. All endeavors—combat or otherwise—are handled with the same easy-to-learn system, with less math and fewer "fiddly bits" than D&D has. Seriously, even with a cover, intro, and character sheet this whole thing is still just ten pages. Ten!

It starts with this playtest document. Download it for free, play a familiar fantasy adventure but with these rules instead of D&D, and see how it feels in actual play. Tell me about your experiences, and I'll use your feedback to refine the system and move forward.

You might be interested in using this system over D&D if you:

  • Spend a lot of table time not in combat, and like it that way
  • Think it's weird to be able to cast Fireball but not light a candle safely
  • Have ever had to seek advice on how to make XYZ character in D&D
  • Actually mean it when you say the essence of D&D is collaborative storytelling
  • Have had trouble getting loved ones past the loads of rules to try D&D with you

You get the idea. D&D is bulky and combat-heavy, and plenty of other big names in RPGs are just different implementations of that same core truth. If you want not-that while still romping around in a fantasy world, give the Aether of Adhara playtest document a try.


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AoA Core System Test 1.0.pdf 97 kB
AoA Addendum 1 - Drama Points.pdf 42 kB


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